Air bubbles at the surface and cloudiness after setup


I recently purchased and set up my first aquarium. Upon adding the plants and switching on air pump and filter, the entire water surface is covered with air bubbles, and the water is cloudy. What can I do against the countless air bubbles?

please be patient, this will stop by itself. The cloudiness is usually caused by fine gravel or sand particles and will disappear after a few days. It is immediately after the setup normal that organic substances (e.g. from decomposing plant debris) are in the water, and these stabilize the air bubbles (for example, skimmers in saltwater make use of that effect). This effect diminishes or even disappears entirely with good water hygiene. It is a sign for (too) strong organic water pollution if it occurs again somewhen later.

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sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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