sera VIVO and sera calendar 2013

Exciting topics, impressive pictures:

Aquarium, terrarium and pond keepers can now find the new issue of sera VIVO in the trade. Exciting stories and practical advice ensure joyful reading about the hobby. The sera calendar 2013, impressing and inspiring with exclusive pictures, is available at the same time.

Exciting topics in sera VIVO and exclusive pictures in the sera calendar 2013. Photo: sera

Interesting information about the aquarium, terrarium and pond hobbies can be found in the new sera VIVO issue. Among others, enthusiasts will find a report about the journey to the Sera island and may gather valuable knowledge about the importance of disease prevention as well as about innovative LED technology in aquarium and terrarium lighting.

sera also created the popular calendar for 2013 again. An impressive selection of high quality pictures by internationally experienced photographers will accompany you through the forthcoming year with fascinating impressions and well founded information.


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