Quick support: sera Clean Water Kit

Cloudy water in your aquarium? sera offers the complete solution for crystal clear water in an advantageous packet, the sera Clean Water Kit: Three products in a box – sera aquatan, sera bio nitrivec and sera toxivec.

When it comes to water maintenance, aquarists aware of quality use water conditioners by sera. The sera Clean Water Kit now provides everything needed for quick and effective water conditioning in an advantageous packet. The three products take over different tasks and perfectly add to each other:

sera aquatan with the sera Bio Protect Formula removes aggressive chlorine from tap water and binds heavy metals. sera aquatan ensures splendid colors of the fish as well as liveliness due to iodine. It protects mucous membranes and gills, activates enzymes for healthy fish growth and supports the nerve system with vitamin B.

sera bio nitrivec makes the water biologically active: It breaks down ammonium and nitrite by purification bacteria. The included mineral volcanic rock removes pollutants and provides settling space for the purification bacteria. The volcanic rock contains minerals indispensable for aquariums, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

sera toxivec reduces water changes and algae growth due to the QuickClean Formula: It eliminates pollutants such as chlorine, chloramines, ammonium, ammonia, nitrite, and it prevents nitrate accumulation.

Advice: It is generally advisable to carry out regular water changes of 15 to 30 %. Tap water is conditioned with sera aquatan in a water container. Afterwards, the conditioned water is poured into the aquarium, and the breakdown of organic matter - such as food and plant remainders or fish waste - is activated with sera bio nitrivec. sera toxivec is added to the aquarium water for removing high pollutant levels within shortest time – for instance a so-called ‘nitrite peak’ in a newly set-up aquarium.

The advantageous sera Clean Water Kit with three highly effective products is convenient and perfectly suited to condition water according to the requirements of the fish.



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