sera vipan

The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in community aquariums

sera vipan is the ideal staple food in aquariums with different fish. The balanced composition fulfills the requirements of many species. Careful processing ensures the valuable ingredients (e.g. omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) are being retained. The sera manufacturing process allows for flakes retaining their shape – the water is not polluted. Due to the unique very fine grinding, the flake is at the same time very tender and is being eaten particularly readily. Available as normal and large flakes.

Comment Quantity Item no.
sera vipan 100 ml (22 g) 00140
sera vipan 250 ml (60 g) 00150
sera vipan Large flakes 500 ml (105 g) 00160
sera vipan 1000 ml (210 g) 00170
sera vipan Large flakes 1000 ml (210 g) 00175
sera vipan 10 l (2 kg) 00190
sera vipan Large flakes 10 l (2 kg) 00191
sera vipan 20 l (4 kg) 00195
sera vipan Large flakes 20 l (4 kg) 00196

Product information

Alleinfuttermittel for Zierfische
Mehrmals täglich sparsam füttern, nur so viel, wie die Tiere in kurzer Zeit aufnehmen.
Fischmehl, Weizenmehl, Brauereihefe, Ca-Caseinat, Gammarus, Volleipulver, Lebertran, Spirulina, Kräuter, Luzerne, Brennnessel, Grünlippmuschelmehl, Seealgen, Petersilie, Paprika, Spinat, Knoblauch, Karotten. Gefärbt mit EG-Zusatzstoffen.
Crude protein: 46,2 %, Crude fat: 8,9 %, Crude fiber: 2,3 %, Crude ash: 11,9 %, Humidity: 6,7 %
Additives per kg
Vit. A: 37000 IU, Vit. B1: 35 mg, Vit. B2: 90 mg, Vit. C: 550 mg, Vit. D3: 1800 IU, Vit. E: 120 mg

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