Combat mites and ticks successfully

Quick help is required in case the cared-for reptile is infected by mites or ticks. sera provides it with the new sera med Professional Ophionol. The dosage and application of the over-the-counter veterinary treatment for reptiles precisely matches the requirements of the animals to be treated. The quality manufacturer thus adds another high quality product to their so far unique reptile treatment range. [more]


Individual and effective treatment against reptile diseases

Reptile lovers recognize immediately when their animal feels sick – be it loss of appetite or unusual breathing sounds. sera has developed a unique range of reptile treatments for treating against different parasites.[more]


A terrarium in the living room

In Germany, the trend towards exotic animals has strongly increased. Terrarium care becomes more and more popular also in families. The extravagant colors, elegant movements and the unusual body shape trigger this fascination. However, let us not forget the terrarium itself. It gives every living room an unusual appeal. [more]


Appropriate aquaterrarium

Everybody who wants to keep terrapins, crabs and crayfish that remain small according to their requirements now can use a new aquaterrarium by sera. The sera reptil aqua biotop complete system is equipped with all technical devices required for immediate operation: this simplifies the first steps into a fascinating hobby especially for beginners.[more]


Exotic living environments for fascinating animals

Bamboo garden, rainforest or desert – terrarium care brings many fascinating living environments and animal species into your home. With the sera reptil terra biotop, sera provides the suitable terrarium for keeping smaller reptile and amphibian species easily.[more]

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