Which is the correct place for the aquarium?

Living room, sideboard or corridor? The search for the best location arises whenever an aquarium is brought into the house or apartment. Some advice. [more]


Innovative aquarium technology

A filter and a pump belong to the most important technical components in an aquarium. They ensure functioning pollutant breakdown as well as water agitation and therefore allow keeping the organisms according to their requirements. sera now add the innovative special media filter multi fil 350 and the powerful SPM 8000 feed pump to their range. Fish enthusiasts can rely on this innovative aquarium technology.[more]


Biotop Cubes with LED lighting

sera have further developed their successful aquarium range and equipped the Biotop Cubes 60 and 130 XXL as well as the marin Biotop Cube 130 with LED lighting. The advantages are obvious: more light with less electricity consumption, plus even more quiet operation of the aquarium.[more]


sera siporax Professional

Powerful filter material is required for crystal clear water and unobjectionable water parameters. sera siporax Professional with its new name (previously sera siporax) and its new packaging is exactly the right choice due to its consistency. It provides an open pored and three-dimensional tunnel and pore structure. It allows the formation of particularly powerful biofilms that grow into the tunnels and pores and cover their walls.[more]


An aquazoo for your home

A group of guppies with colorful patterns quickly darts out from behind a rock, a splendid tiger barb majestically swims through the aquatic plants – and an unusual splendid nocturnal catfish specimen rests in a corner: A visit to an aquazoo makes many people want their own underwater world. Creating it becomes very easy with the correct know-how and material.[more]


sera guide booklets

Browse our extensive guide booklets. From the first steps via correct feeding up to health related topics ...

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