Additional plant care for higher carbon requirements

Aquarium plants require sufficient amounts of CO2 for developing intensely colored leaves. The quality manufacturer sera provides the new system care flore carbo as an optimal alternative to carbon fertilizing systems. [more]


Loyalty offer: 25% more contents

A “thank you” to loyal customers: 25 % more contents at the same price – for sera vipan, the classic among flake foods for ornamental fish. This high quality prebiotic food with mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) allows aquarists to strongly support the health of their animals.[more]


Quick support: sera Clean Water Kit

Cloudy water in your aquarium? sera offers the complete solution for crystal clear water in an advantageous packet, the sera Clean Water Kit: Three products in a box – sera aquatan, sera bio nitrivec and sera toxivec. [more]


Clear water for healthy goldfish

Quality awareness is rewarded: The water conditioner sera goldy aquatan is added for free when purchasing the high quality sera goldy foods. By doing so, the manufacturer rewards all those who support health, growth and splendid coloration of their fish with appropriate sera food. The added sera goldy aquatan converts tap water into a perfect habitat for goldfish and other valuable coldwater species. [more]


A cleaning squad for the aquarium

A catfish moves along the aquarium glass with its broad mouth, somewhere else a snail enjoys its food between plants and decoration objects. Some aquarium inhabitants turn out to be a real cleaning squad and successfully combat the no. 1 trouble source in almost every aquarium: algae. Aquarium specialist sera shows which animals are particularly well suited for reducing the unwanted growth in a natural way. [more]

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