Black fin edges after a fin rot treatment


I have a problem with one of my veiltails. One eye was thicker than the other, and the fish was not able to swim normally any more. However, it recovered after 3 days in quarantine. Now I noticed that the fins rot. I have added sera baktopur to the quarantine tank for 4 days running. A black edge is visible on the regrowing healthy part of the fins. The fish itself is now rather lively again. Is the black edge normal, and shall I repeat the treatment with sera baktopur once again?

this kind of black edge sometimes occurs after a successfully treated bacterial infection; it usually heals more or less completely. No further treatment is required if there is no bloated belly or fin rot any more. However, you should always maintain clean and hygienic water conditions, as both dropsy and fin rot are typical weakness diseases that almost exclusively occur after problems caused by water pollution.

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