What can I do against cloudiness?


My aquarium has now been in operation for 14 days, the first fish have been in it for 5 days. The water was crystal clear at first, but now there are many floating particles that look like "fine dust" in the water.

cloudiness may be due to infusoria (micro organisms) or fine sand particles  being swirled up, this often occurs in aquariums that are not fully biologically mature yet.

The fact that cloudiness has occured after several days makes it unlikely that it is due to sand particles; cloudiness caused by particles usually occurs as soon as the aquarium is filled and then settles slowly.

Cloudiness caused by infusoria may form if the useful filter bacteria did not yet manage to settle in the substrate and still float around in the water freely. 

What can I do?

First of all, the filter current should be reduced (not increased!) as much as possible. Sand particles can then deposit more easily due to the weaker current, and micro organisms find it easier in the filter to settle on the substrate.

Additionally it is recommended to change plenty of water (important: without filter "cleansing"!).

Is there something from sera to bind these very fine particles?

Yes there is: You can use sera aquariaclear, this will bind cloudiness and makes it possible for the filter to collect them.

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Dr. Bodo Schnell


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