What is the best way to attach moss to a root?


how can I attach liverwort (Riccia fluitans) best to a root? I have often seen nylon thread of fishing line being used, but it always turns milky and then does not look good anymore.

this is only for a while; you can remove (cut and pull it out) the thread after a few weeks when the moss has grown on!

Can I also use normal cotton thread, or does this maybe harm the fish by releasing pollutants?

I do not think there will be any problems if you carefully wash the thread in warm water. However, it will rot and literally dissolve over time - this is even the most elegant solution if the moss has grown on until then, as you do not have to work in the tank for removing the thread. If it has, on the other hand, not yet grown on it can of course become loose again, which means that you have to attach it anew.

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