sera Hard­scape Africa

Setup instruction for sera Hardscape Africa

The Africa hardscape contains the following rocks:

  • 2 x sera Rock Hole Stone S/M
  • 4 x sera Rock Hole Stone L
  • 1 x sera Gravel White 3 l
  • 2 x sera Gravel White 6 l


Setting up the Africa hardscape is possible in only three steps:

1. Add ornamental bottom ground

The somewhat more coarse grained sera Gravel White is poured in a rising slope in the back area of the Scaper Cubes. This allows creating additional depth in the underwater landscape, and the landscape gets exciting dynamics.


Tip: Keep a small amount of the ornamental bottom ground for filling or smoothening undesired unevenness also after setting up the hardscape, or after planting.

2. Place rocks

The Africa hardscape contains two small and four big hole rocks in total. The hole rock provides shelter for fish fry. Due to its high pressure treatment, the breakages are rounded and not sharp-edged any more, therefore there is no risk of injuries. The smaller rocks are placed in the front area of the tank here in a particularly attractive way.

The four big rocks are placed in the center, albeit a little to the back. The two smaller stones lie in the foreground together.


A) sera Rock Hole Stone L

B) sera Rock Hole Stone S/M

3. Add plants (not included with the kit)

The two non-rooting plants (Microsorum pteropus and Anubias barteri var. nana) are particularly suited for attaching to the rocks. This can, for instance, be done with suitable glue or fishing line. The other plants (1 – 3) are planted into the bottom ground. Gently press a hole into the gravel with the fingers, or push it aside to do so. Make sure the nutrient soil does not mix with the bottom ground and gets to the surface while doing so. The roots of the plants can be shortened to 2 cm (0.8 in.) if required, e.g. for planting them more easily. Please use sharp scissors (e.g. sera flore tool S) to do so for avoiding squeezing, which may lead to rot. In case of smaller plants such as bottom covering plants, we recommend cleaving the plant carefully and without damaging single stems, and to plant them in smaller bushes with some distance to each other. This is best done with a pair of tweezers (e.g. sera flore tool P).

Tip: Before adding fish, it is worthwhile with new Cube setups to wait until the plants have grown on and cannot be pulled out by the fish anymore.

The hardscape setup just serves as an inspiration – there are no boundaries to your creativity.

The following plants have been used in our setup example:

1. Cryptocoryne nevillii

2. Cryptocoryne wendtii Braun

3. Cryptocoryne wendtii Tropica

4. Microsorum pteropus

5. Anubias barteri var. nana


This video comprises the single steps:


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