sera Scaper Cube 48 l

Modern nano aquarium (48 l / 12.7 US gal.) with LED lighting and filter

The sera Scaper Cube 48 l allows for an easy start into the nano aquarium hobby. The square, elegant nano aquarium holding 48 liters (12.7 US gal.) with a base area of 40 cm x 40 cm (16 in. x 16 in.) provides ideal conditions for nano sized creative aquascaping. Very modern: the Scaper Cube does not require a plastic or glass hood. However, the problem open aquariums otherwise have does not exist here: due to safety strips on all sides attached approximately 1 cm (0.4 in.) below the glass edge, the risk of fish jumping out or shrimps climbing out is considerably reduced.

As a part of the sera aquarium concept, sera offers six different hardscapes suited for the sera Scaper Cubes. The “Shrimp” and “Asia” hardscapes are particularly well suited for the 48 liter (12.7 US gal.) aquarium. Shrimps such as Red Bees, Red Fire or Sakura as well as small live bearers such as guppies feel well here.

In addition to the aquarium, the kit includes the reliable internal filter sera fil 60 as well as energy saving LED lighting with the sera LED X-Change Tube daylight sunrise, which is very easily installed above the open aquarium by means of the LED Tube Holders, and can be connected via the ballast also included with the kit. The included sera thermo-safe safety underlay reduces the risk of breaking glass or tension caused cracks, and furthermore provides heat insulation.

Kit includes

  • sera Scaper Cube 48 l (W x D x H: 40 x 40 x 30 cm / 16 x 16 x 12 in.)
  • sera fil 60
  • sera LED X-Change Tube daylight sunrise
  • sera LED Tube Holder
  • sera LED ballast
  • sera thermo-safe 40 x 39,8 cm (16 x 15.9 in.)

Part of the sera aquarium concept
3 aquariums – more than 1,500 combination possibilities!

Additional lighting

Depending on animal stock and planting it may be advisable to extend the lighting. sera offers the following lighting kits:

  • sera Scaper Cube accessory kit LED Plantcolor Sunrise
  • sera Scaper Cube accessory kit LED Cool Daylight

Optional equipment

The aquarium concept by sera includes six different hardscapes (bottom ground, rocks and plants) representing certain themes:

  • sera Hardscape Asia
  • sera Hardscape Shrimp
  • sera Hardscape South America
  • sera Hardscape Grand Canyon
  • sera Hardscape Africa
  • sera Hardscape Desert

Accessory kits

The uncomplicated start will be successful with the convenient accessory kits:

  • Starter kit with fish net, digital thermometer, Quick Test for 6 water parameters and magnetic glass cleaner
  • Scaper kit with scissors, tweezers, liquid basic and systemic fertilizer
  • Water kit with water conditioner, liquid biofilter medium and pollutant remover
  • Food kit with staple, veggie and color food as well as treats for ornamental fish
  • Filter media kit with additional filter cartridge, biological filter medium (siporax mini) and mechanical filter medium (crystal clear)


Modern cabinets in three different sizes suitable for all scaper cubes are available:

Cabinet designs

Whether consistently in black or with color accent – due to six different designs, the cabinet can be set up as desired:

  • “Black”
  • “Sonoma Oak”
  • “Walnut”
  • “Cherry”
  • “Silver Oak”
  • “Gray Oak”
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sera Scaper Cube 48 l

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