Treating a bacterial infection in a pleco catfish/Combination of sera baktopur and sera baktopur direct


I have a pleco that has turned pink in its tail area and has frayed dorsal and caudal fins. I have added the first dose of sera baktopur yesterday, I don't have enough left for a second dose. Then I was advised to use sera baktopur direct. Can I now use sera baktopur direct instead of the second dose?

yes, both can be combined, this is no problem!

Or should I rather carry out a half hour treatment with sera baktopur direct in a 2 liter container?

One does not exclude the other! It is actually possible to carry out the short term intensive treatment, immediately followed by the "normal" treatment. For instance, you can proceed by bathing the fish in 2 liters with a dissolved tablet, and then topping up to 50 liters with aquarium water (thus achieving normal dosage).

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