Guppy-like fish with orange and black pattern - which species is this, and how can I keep them? (Endler's livebearer)


I saw a beautiful fish species in a pet store. According to the sticker on the aquarium, their name is "Endelin" or similar. The females look like colorless Guppies, only a bit smaller, the males are bright with black and orange spots. They look like livebearers, but I could not find them in any book. What fish are they?

according to the description, they are rather certainly so-called Endler's livebearers (Poecilia wingei). The fish are very closely related to the well known Guppies and even crossbreed with them.

What are their requirements (aquarium size, number, food, water parameters, other fish species)? Can I keep them together with other livebearers in 60 liters? Will they multiply?

Care is similar to "normal" Guppies, i.e. aquariums from 60 cm and up, the fish are suited for community tanks, feeding and water parameters are not problematic (water pollution should of course be low, but this of course applies generally). You can keep them together with other livebeareres, but preferably not with "normal" Guppies (undesired hybrids). They multiply readily and without problems.

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