How much sera floredepot is required for a 150 liter aquarium, and how long do the nutrients last?


How much sera floredepot do I need for a 150 liter aquarium?

the sera floredepot layer should be about 2 cm high. This would be about 8 liters or 13 kg for an aquarium bottom area of 100 cm * 40 cm (160 or 200 liters, depending on the height) if you distribute sera floredepot on the entire area. The actual requirement is probably lower, since usually not the entire bottom of an aquarium is planted (simply draw a sketch as viewed from above, as to find out about the actually planted area).

And how long do the nutrients last?

The nutrients supply the plants for about 4 - 6 weeks during the initial phase, afterwards sera floredepot simply remains in the aquarium as a soft bottom ground through which the plants can easily grow their roots.

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