Combat mites and ticks successfully

New: sera med Professional Ophionol

Quick help is required in case the cared-for reptile is infected by mites or ticks. sera provides it with the new sera med Professional Ophionol. The dosage and application of the over-the-counter veterinary treatment for reptiles precisely matches the requirements of the animals to be treated. The quality manufacturer thus adds another high quality product to their so far unique reptile treatment range.

sera med Professional Ophionol contains the effective agent doramectin and is effective against mites and ticks. Photo: sera

Every terrarium enthusiast knows that snakes and lizards are among the reptiles most frequently suffering from mites or ticks.

Terrarium keepers use sera med Professional Ophionol for overcoming this infestation as quickly as possible. Just like Tremacestol, Oxyspirol, Eimerol and Flagamol, the new treatment was developed by scientists in the sera laboratory and tested for practical suitability in cooperation with the German Reptile Center (Deutsches Reptilien-Zentrum) in Springe. Unlike mite and tick treatments available in the specialized trade so far, Ophionol is not a care product but a veterinary treament especially for reptiles.

Correspondingly, it is particularly effective against mites and ticks. Due to its active agent Doramectin, sera med Professional Ophionol combats the parasites in a directed way. Due to the oil free formulation, no difficulties will occur during the next skin shedding.

Convenient: The spray formulation makes application easy and dries quickly.

Newly purchased animals should also be treated prophylactically during quarantine. This allows to prevent introducing parasites into the livestock.

Terrarium keepers will find the new product in the trade from now on.



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