A terrarium in the living room

In Germany, the trend towards exotic animals has strongly increased. Terrarium care becomes more and more popular also in families. The extravagant colors, elegant movements and the unusual body shape trigger this fascination. However, let us not forget the terrarium itself. It gives every living room an unusual appeal.

Terrariums are eye catchers. Their setup and their inhabitants have a special appeal. However, this hobby can also be a family pleasure. Beginners should start with an animal that is easy to keep.

So why not a small Leopard Gecko? They are among the most popular animals among the far more than 8,000 known reptile and amphibian species.

A desert or savanna terrarium such as the sera reptil terra biotop 60 provides the correct environment. The setup is very easy. However, the natural requirements of the animals concerning environment, temperature and food must be considered.

It is, for instance, important that both climbing possibilities and caves are present. Leopard Geckos do well at a temperature of 25 to 30 °C at daytime and about 20 °C at night. In winter, however, the tetrapods hibernate at a lowered temperature in the range of 12 to 15 °C. The daytime humidity should be between 40 and 60 percent. Concerning food, Leopard Geckos prefer crickets and locusts. Gecko aficionados do their animals an additional favor with a high quality vitamin and mineral food additive such as sera reptimineral C.

Of course, at first everybody must become familiar with the new “co-inhabitant”. The same applies for him and his new environment. sera provides support and, as a perfect partner, ensures an easy start with the hobby. The terrarium specialists provide a convenient guide for downloading on, which provides useful advice for the most important topics.

The entire family will thus find an easy and successful start into their new terrarium hobby – and the living room as well will change entirely with the individual terrarium.


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