Everything alright in the pond

Advice for algae removal

It is summer! During this season, the pond particularly invites to rest. When the water sparkles in the sun and the fish are lively, it unfolds its full beauty. But not only the plants are thriving, but also the algae. Directed combat with optimally balanced products, for instance by sera, ensures clear water immediately.

The products by sera ensure clear water, healthy fish and splendid plants ion your own pond.

Clear water, healthy fish, splendid plants – the pond reveals its full beauty in summer. The warm sunbeams, however, do not only make the water oasis shine inits full splendor – they also support algae growth. Once algae already have spread in the pond, pond keepers should act quickly and systematically for combating them. With the following measures, you can quickly enjoy your idyllic scenery at home in an unspoiled way.


The balance is important

An imbalance in water chemistry may also cause algae growth. Freshly added tap, rain or well water should be conditioned to fish friendly pond water as to preserve the natural equilibrium in the pond lastingly. Water conditioneers such as sera pond KOI PROTECT bind harmful heavy metal, neutralize aggressive chlorine and thus protec the pond inhabitants against unnecessary stress.

Too low pH values also have negative effects on animals and plants doing well. Natural processes in the pond as well as rainwater make it sink quickly if not observed. The carbonate hardness is the key factor here and can prevent variations. It should ideally always be at least 5 °dH. sera pond bio balance safely regulates the KH and pH values and keeps them constant for a long time.


Remove algae

In a first step, acute algae growth should be combated. However, not all algae are the same. Floating algae can be recognized by a greenish water cloudiness. sera pond crystal binds them so they can be collected by the filter. Thread algae, however, overgrow rocks and plants near the edges as a cotton-like fluff. sera pond algokill is reliably effective against them. In case of strong thread algae growth, a pond sludge remover helps sucking off the dead algae still attached to the ground or larger rocks.


Avoid nutrients

Removing the causes is necessary in the next step as to prevent further algae growth lastingly.

Excess nutrients are the biggest growth supporters of algae. This in particular includes phosphates, that, for instance, get into the water via uneaten food. Therefore you must always feed only as much as the fish take up completely within five minutes. It is possible to feed several times a day.

In case you monitor increased phosphate levels when testing the water, it can be effectively reduced with a special phosphate binder such as sera pond phosvec.

Directed light filtration is additionally advisable in case of strong sunlight. sera pond bio humin ensures a clear, amber colored water tint and immediately shades the water.

sera pond algenstop, which inhibits new algae growth in a directed way, is being used for prevention.


Algae do not have a chance with these measures and the pond care system by the sera specialists. Pond keeper thus can optimally care for their oasis with little effort and enjoy the beautiful view lastingly.


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