Suitable for herbivores and carnivores

Due to their impressive color and shape variety, cichlids are among the most popular aquarium fish. Special food such as the novelties Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL by sera are required for keeping the colorful exotic animals lastingly healthy.

The sera food novelties Cichlid Green Xl and Cichlid Red XL. Photo: © sera

Whether they are small or big, striped or with a pattern, whether they are herbivores or predators – containining about 2,000 species, cichlids are on of the most speciose fish families. They are an enrichment for every aquarium not only due to their colorful appearance but also due to their interesting behavior.

In nature, fish find a broad variety of different food sources. This includes, for instance, insecten larvae, worms, small crustaceans , algae and other plants. Cichlids are considered real food specialists. They have adapted their feeding habits to their natural habitat. Aquarist must consider this - as well as its digestibility - by all means when choosing the food. The food is excreted again by the fish if it is poorly digestible. This diminishes water quality and supports the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

A food that fulfills different nutritional requirements, is easily digestible and does not cloud the water is therefore important for keeping cichlids appropriately. The sera food novelties Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL fulfill exactly these requirements by 100 %.

Both products are floating granulates that keep their shape. They do not fall apart in water and therefore remain attractive for the fish even after sinking down. Due to the special composition and their high quality ingredients, the foods are not only particularly tasty but also easy to digest. This minimizes water quality considerably.

Both Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL contain prebiotically effective mannan oligosaccharides (MOS). These are special carbohydrates obtained from the cell walls of certain yeast species. They strengthen the body's own immune system of the animals. Furthermore, MOS support their intesitanl health as well as their natural coloration. Cichlids will thus remain lastingly healthy and enjoy every aquarist with their colorful scale pattern.

sera Cichlid Green XL

• Staple food for bigger cichlids that mainly feed on plants and periphyton

• High percentage of Spirulina algae

sera Cichlid Red XL

• Staple food for bigger cichlids that are mainly carnivores or omnivores

• High percentage of protein and omega fatty acids



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