sera Bloodworm Snack Professional

The stick-on chips for healthy variation and exciting observations

Due to the amount of 60% bloodworms in the core, sera Bloodworm Snack Professional is virtually irresistible for the fish. A desired nutrient supplement that attracts even animals that are otherwise rather reluctant and shy.

After soaking them briefly, the gently co-extruded attaching chips can be easily attached to the aquarium glass. The fish then enthusiastically pick off these treats bit by bit and thus allow for exciting observation opportunities. However, the quickly sinking chips are also excellently suited as a healthy variation for all bottom dwellers.

The easily digestible snack is entirely free from colorants and preservatives. And the high amount of 60% food organisms in the core of the bicolored food wafer makes the chips particularly attractive and valuable.

Swimming zone

  • top
  • mid
  • bottom

Feeding recommendation

Feed small amounts several times a week. Soak for approx. 30 seconds, then attach to the aquarium glass by finger pressure. Alternatively: Let the chips sink to the bottom.
Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera Bloodworm Snack Professional Z Mückenlarven Snack Prof Cla 100ml US 100 ml (36 g / 1.2 oz.) 01152 44259
sera Bloodworm Snack Professional Z Mückenlarven Snack Prof Cla 250ml US 250 ml (96 g / 3.3 oz.) 01153 44269

Compound feed for all ornamental fish


wheat gluten, corn starch, bloodworms (20%), wheat flour, fish meal, fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids).

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein 45.4%, Crude Fat 4.5%, Crude Fiber 1.4%, Moisture 9.1%, Crude Ash 3.7%.

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