sera Hardscape Desert

Rocks and bottom ground for “Desert” theme aquariums

The Hardscape Desert allows imitating an underwater desert easily. What may sound contradictory at first is, however, rather attractive: the so-called mainstone included in the kit protrudes highly and is an absolute eye-catcher. The five smaller rocks, for instance, allow creating an impressive mountain pass. Sand must by no means be missing in a desert. The particularly fine grained sera Gravel Ocher in combination with the slightly more coarse grained sera Gravel Beige optimally imitates the desert ground.

The Hardscape Desert is optimal for the sera Scaper Cube 80 liters (21 US gal.) (40x40x50 cm / 16x16x20 in.), but is also suited for the sera Scaper Cubes 48 liters (12.7 US gal.) (40x40x30 cm / 16x16x12 in.) and 64 liters (16.9 US gal.) (40x40x40 cm / 16x16x16 in.), which only differ in height. It may be necessary to reduce the amount of bottom ground in these cases; furthermore the mainstone may protrude from the tank.

The Hardscape Desert includes:

  • 2 x sera Rock Grand Canyon S/M
  • 3 x sera Rock Grand Canyon L
  • 1 x sera Rock Asian Pagoda XXL
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4,7 kg (10.4 lb.)
  • 1 x sera Gravel Ocher 3 l
  • 2 x sera Gravel Ocher 6 l
  • 1 x sera Gravel Beige 3 l

Note: Without plants – the image merely serves as a setup example!



Free swimming shoal fish such as rummynose tetras, small rainbow fish or rasboras are particularly well suited for the sera Scaper Cubes 64 l and 80 l in combination with the Hardscape “Desert”.


The following plants are used in the setup example:




Hemianthus micranthemoides



Eleocharis acicularis



Bucephalandra spec.



Plants even grow in deserts – with the species listed in the chart, plants were chosen that look similar to, for instance, Dasylirion leiophyllum. Bottom covering plants creating the impression of an oasis were planted in the foreground of the aquarium.

Additional lighting

Depending on the planting, a second LED tube is recommended for the two sera Scaper Cubes 64 liters and 80 liters. If bottom covering plants are being used (as in the setup example), the LED tube sera LED X-Change cool daylight is particularly useful as bottom covering plants require particularly much light and – in case of insufficient light – “stretch” for it, causing them to grow in height. Furthermore, it enhances the blue colors of the animals.

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