sera Hardscape Monument Rock

Rocks and bottom ground for a desert landscape

7 rocks in total form the basis for this hardscape. Resembling the well known Monument Valley, a well structured desert landscape arises from this package. Four big XXL rocks form the basis, to which three smaller rocks are added. The shallow upper surfaces of the rocks are excellently suited for planting with moss or other epiphytic plants. Matching the theme, the combination of bright, fine natural gravel in 0 – 2 mm and in 2 – 4 mm size makes a great bottom ground, into which the rocks can be harmonically placed.

The Monument Rock hardscape matches the sera AquaTank 128 l (34 US gal.). However, it also fits into the 96 or 160 liter (25 or 42 US gal.) AquaTanks due to the variably useable components. The rocks could extend out of the water for doing so, or the living environment of the fish gets a bigger swimming zone at a height of 50 cm (20 in.). Also, the hardscape can be extended freely by further rocks or roots.

Included with the Monument Rock hardscape:

  • 3 x sera Rock Desert S/M
  • 4 x sera Rock Desert XXL
  • 1 x sera floredepot 2.4 kg (5.3 lb.)
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4.7 kg (10.4 lb.)
  • 1 x sera Gravel Ocher 13 l
  • 1 x sera Gravel Beige 3 l

Note: Without plants – the pictures merely serves as a setup example!


Animal stock

The generous swimming zones formed in this hardscape are, for instance, particularly well suited for neon rainbowfish. The loose, sandy bottom grounds invites a group of armored catfish to look for food there.


The following plants have been used in the setup example:

Vesicularia ferriei "Weeping Moss"4
Alternanthera reineckii "Mini"1
Pogostemon helferi4
Eleocharis parvula4
Cryptocoryne willisii2
Eleocharis sp. "Xingu"3
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Brown"1
Cryptocoryne parva1
Pogostemon stellatus2
Cryptocoryne balansae1
Bucephalandra sp.3

Grass shaped and smaller plants can be placed around the smaller rocks. The rocks being used are ideal for planting. Moss and other plants such as Bucephalandra can be attached to the shallow upper surfaces or extensions with a thread or some glue. The slightly coarse properties of the rocks provides quick and safe hold for the roots. A bigger plant such as Cryptocoryne balansae is well suited for planting between or behind the bigger rocks.

Additional lighting

Depending on the planting it is advisable to enhance lighting by adding a second LED tube. In case of abundant planting, the plant growth supporting sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise is particularly well suited. If many bottom covering plants are being used, the sera LED X-Change cool daylight LED tube is particularly reasonable, since bottom covering plants require very much light and “extend” towards it in case of insufficient light, which makes them grow taller.

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sera Hardscape Monument Rock

Hardscape AquaTank Monument Rock
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