sera Hardscape South America

Roots and bottom ground for “South America” theme aquariums

The Hardscape South America is modeled after the famous Amazon. The two big roots form the center of the hardscape which allows arranging a pleasing plant landscape with plants typical for the Amazon. The brown gravel imitates the brownish-red bottom ground occurring in parts of the Amazon.

The Hardscape South America is optimal for the sera Scaper Cube 64 liters (16.9 US gal.) (40x40x40 cm / 16x16x16 in.), but is also suited for the sera Scaper Cubes 80 liters (21 US gal.) (40x40x50 cm / 16x16x20 in.) and 48 liters (12.7 US gal.) (40x40x30 cm / 16x16x12 in.), which only differ in height. If applicable, the big root may protrude from the sera Scaper Cube 48 l.

The Hardscape South America includes:

  • 1 x sera Scaper Wood M 18 – 20 cm (7.1 – 7.9 in.)
  • 1 x sera Scaper Wood L 30 – 35 cm (11.8 – 13.8 in.)
  • 1 x sera floredepot 4,7 kg (10.4 lb.)
  • 2 x sera Gravel Brown 6 l

Note: Without plants – the image merely serves as a setup example!



For instance, small tetras such as cardinal tetras, a pair of dwarf cichlids, a group of butterfly cichlids or plecos (e.g. Otocinclus sp.) are suited for the sera Scaper Cubes 64 l and 80 l in combination with the Hardscape “South America”.


The following plants are used in the setup example:

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis5
Echinodorus "Regine Hildebrandt"1
Lagenandra meeboldii Red1
Eleocharis vivipara2
Microsorum pteropus1
Heteranthera zosterifolia1
Pogostemon erectus1

Except for Eleocharis vivipara and Pogostemon erectus, all plants are typical for the Amazon.

Additional lighting

The decision for additional lighting strongly depends on the planting. In case of abundant planting, the sera LED X-Change Tube plantcolor sunrise, which supports plant growth in a directed way, is particularly well suited. If bottom covering plants are being used (as in the setup example), the LED tube sera LED X-Change cool daylight is recommended. Bottom covering plants require particularly much light and – in case of insufficient light – “stretch” for it, causing them to grow in height. Furthermore, the cool daylight tube enhances the blue colors of the fish.

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