sera O2 plus

Breathe freely with purifying

  • Emergency support in case of acute oxygen deficiency
  • Stress reduction by optimized oxygen supply
  • Easy and safe application
  • Supports the breakdown of sludge

The breath of the aquarium inhabitants as well as other natural breakdown processes constantly consume oxygen. Certain circumstances may lead to acute deficiencies.

This includes high water temperatures, strong organic pollution and oxygen consuming disease treatments. While even little undersupply already causes stress, extreme lack of oxygen often leads to the death of fish.

sera O2 plus - simply sprinkled into the water - immediately adds oxygen and thus improves the living conditions for all aquarium inhabitants.

Additionally, the breakdown processes run faster in case of good oxygen supply, thus the aquarium will remain crystal clear and without unpleasant odors.

Recommended dosage

Evenly distribute 5 g (0.17 oz., one level teaspoon) sera O2 plus for every 100 l (26.4 US gal.) of water. Ensure good water agitation. Do not sprinkle directly onto animals or aquatic plants! Treatment can be repeated if required (check with sera O2-Test before dosage and after distribution). Also for prophylactic use in situations, that may cause acute oxygen deficiency (e.g. disease treatments, high water temperature, strong organic pollution, in transport containers).

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Comment Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera O2 plus O2 plus 250ml 260g US/F 250 ml (260 g / 9.1 oz.) sufficient for: 1,372 US gal. (5,200 liters) 03415 42468
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