sera Phyto med Mycozid

Herbal water treatment for ornamental fish against external infections by fungi in early stages and spawn fungus

The herbal water treatment sera Phyto med Mycozid contains highly effective thyme oil from Thymus vulgaris L., Thymus zygis L. as an active agent, which makes it effective against external fungi such as Saprolegnia sp., Achlya sp. in early stages as well as spawn fungus. Furthermore it can be used for accompanying a therapy in case of injuries or bacterial inflammations for preventing a secondary infection by fungi.

If possible, a safe diagnosis should be obtained by a microscopic examination of skin or fin swabs.

Suitable for ornamental fish in aquariums and garden ponds, in the latter case preferably in a quarantine tank. The water treatment is not tolerated by nerite snails. Please observe the information for use for further information and dosage.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera Phyto med Mycozid

Phyto med Mycozid 30ml US/F/NL/.. (FS)
30 ml 32624 47150

sera Phyto med Mycozid

Phyto med Mycozid 100ml US/F/.. (FS)
100 ml 32625 47153
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