sera hose splitter

Connector with branch for 4 mm hoses

The sera splitter is ideally suitable for supplying, for instance, breeding containers, small aquariums or small filters with water.

It provides a small branch for 4 mm hoses which allows branching off small amounts of water. The water amount being branched off can be individually adjusted from single drops up to 50 liters per hour.

The sera splitter can be inserted very easily as a connector between two 12 or 16 mm hoses.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Comment Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number

sera hose splitter 12/12/4

Schlauch-Splitter 12/12/4mm D/US/F
1 pc.

for 12/12/4 mm diameter - adjustable

32145 45069

sera hose splitter 16/16/4

Schlauch-Splitter 16/16/4mm D/US/F
1 pc.

for 16/16/4 mm diameter - adjustable

32144 45068
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