sera magnesium-Test (Mg)

For monitoring magnesium levels in marine aquariums easily and safely

The magnesium level can be increased with sera marin COMPONENT 6 magnesium. Reagent consumption depends on the calcium level of the checked water.

Product name SAP-Mat.-Label Content Item no. SAP-Mat.-Number
sera magnesium-Test (Mg) Magnesium-Test Mg 15ml US/F/S/FI/DK/.. 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz. 04714 43006
sera magnesium reagent 3 refill pack Magnesium Erg-Set 15ml D/US/F/NL/I/E/.. 3 x 15 ml / 3 x 0.5 fl.oz. 04715 43007
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