sera LED Moonlight Set

Moonlight controller and lighting for varied nocturnal observations

The sera LED Moonlight Set allows imitating lunation for all aquariums and terrariums by means of an individually adjustable moonlight simulation. The separate moon phases, generated by the Moonlight Timer and following each other, are represented night by night during the nocturnal phase of the aquariums with individually adjustable brightness and duration and with smooth moonrise and moonset. The subtle lighting allows exciting nocturnal observations by the aquarist, and at the same time prolongs the activity span of the aquarium inhabitants without causing them stress. Due to the moon calendar integrated in the Moonlight Timer, the aquarium inhabitants can experience the moon phase changes as in nature.


  • sera LED Digital Moonlight Timer (control unit)
  • sera LED moonlight 180 mm (7 in.) (moonlight source)
    10,000 - 12,000 Kelvin, 173 lm, 20 V, 3 W, energy efficiency grade A+
  • filter foil and attachment material

Attention: the set does not contain a ballast!


Power supply:
A) by connection to an existing sera LED X-Change System 20 V with Triple Cable (no other ballast required);
B) sera LED Driver/ballast 1 A / 20 V or bigger

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sera LED Moonlight Set

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