Cure diseases

Cure diseases

Pathogens are often present in ponds as entirely normal components of a living community, but they can also be introduced by wild animals (such as birds), newly added fish and plants. Since ponds are usually inhabited by more and bigger fish than comparable natural waters, the close proximity of the animals as well as the often unfavorable water conditions caused by a dense fish stock  may support the outbreak and massive spreading of diseases. Diseases not treated can destroy the entire fish stock of a pond within shortest time.

sera pond bio balance

For stabilizing water parameters safely – prevents pH value variations

  • For the gentle and safe increase of carbonate and total hardness
  • Raises and stabilizes the pH value
  • Reliably prevents dangerous pH value variations
sera pond ectopur

Relief in case of disease and stress

  • Reduce stress
  • Supports disease treatments
  • With active oxygen
    sera pond super carbon

    Removing treatment remainders and toxic substances

    • After disease treatments, for removing treatment remainders
    • As a preventive measure if you suspect pollutants have gotten into the pond


      a) Für Kinder und Haustiere unzugänglich aufbewahren. Nicht mit Haut und Augen in Berührung bringen. Bei Raumtemperatur und vor Licht geschützt aufbewahren. Nicht bei Tieren anwenden, die der Gewinnung von Lebensmitteln dienen. Bitte Packungsbeilage beachten!

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