sera filter and feed pumps FP

Adjustable filter and feed pumps for freshwater and marine aquariums

The sera filter and feed pumps FP convince with their compact and robust constructions as well as low energy consumption and their adjustability. They are applicable as filter, feed and current providing pumps, and are offered in 7 performance variants. The correct performance level is always available – for nano aquariums up to marine tanks. The fixation take place vial the included suction cups.

The sera filter and feed pumps FP 100 and FP 150 are among the smallest aquarium pumps and are particularly well suited for nano aquariums. They can be applied in freshwater aquariums between 10 liters (2.6 US gal.) and approx. 50 liters (13 US gal.). Due to their small dimensions of less than 5 cm (2 in.) they fit into almost every internal filter.

The sera filter and feed pumps FP 350 – FP 2000 are particularly well suited as operational pumps of internal filters in aquariums and as a feed pump for aquatic systems. Their compact shape also allows placing them in internal filters. They are also useable in marine water due to a not rusting ceramic shaft.

The high water agitation performance ensures constant conditions in an aquarium and thus contributes to the stabilization of the biological system

Incl. 1.8 m (6 ft.) power cable

Technical data: 220 – 240 V ~ 50 Hz, TÜV, GS, CE

The GS-mark indicates that the product and the accompanying manual have been tested for safety and production is monitored regularly.

  P Qmax Hmax Ø tmax
FP 100 1,5 W 120 l/h 0,3 m 8 mm 35° C
FP 150 2,5 W 150 l/h 0,6 m 11 mm 35° C
FP 350 6 W 350 l/h 0,8 m 13 mm 35° C
FP 750 12 W 750 l/h 1,5 m 13 mm 35° C
FP 1000 16 W 1.000 l/h 1,8 m 15 mm 35° C
FP 1500 25 W 1.500 l/h 2,5 m 20 mm 35° C
FP 2000 43 W 2.000 l/h 3 m 20 mm 35° C

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