sera red parrot

Special granulate for parrot cichlids

sera red parrot is a floating granulated food specially developed for parrot fish. The carefully selected ingredients are gently processed. They are well balanced to meet the special requirements of these impressive fish. Natural pigments ensure brilliant color development within shortest time.

item no.

00410 - available in C/GB/ROK/MY

00411 - available in US/F, E/P/TR/SA, PL/RUS/H/CZ

00412 - available in PL/RUS/H/CZ/SI/HR, C/GB/ROK/MY

00413 - available in PL/RUS/H/CZ/SI/HR, C/GB/ROK/MY

Quantity Item no.
sera red parrot 20 g 00410
sera red parrot 250 ml (80 g) 00411
sera red parrot 500 ml (150 g) 00412
sera red parrot 1000 ml (330 g) 00413



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