sera mineral salt

Multitalented minerals in a complete package

  • Improves fertility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • For flawless scales and a strong skeleton

The essential minerals are often insufficiently present in the confined aquarium environment. Fish take up a part of these important substances not with their food but directly through the water. Dangerous deficiencies occur whether the original water is already low in minerals (in particular R/O water) or if a dense or especially demanding animal stock in the aquarium (the plants, invertebrates
and micro organisms also consume) consumes the required resources, if essential substances are missing. The excellently water soluble sera mineral salt directedly provides all important trace elements as well as valuable calcium, magnesium and potassium in pure form without any polluting additives.

Tip: Due to its KH neutral behavior (only the GH is increased slightly, the KH not at all) sera mineral salt can also be used in soft water tanks (e.g. when keeping discus). Last not least for preventing the dreaded hole-in-the-head disease.

Comment Quantity Item no.
sera mineral salt sufficient for: 554 US gal. (2,100 liters) 105 g 03399
sera mineral salt sufficient for: 1426 US gal. (5,400 liters) 270 g 03400
sera mineral salt sufficient for:13,200 US gal. (50,000 liters) 2,5 kg 03403

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