Against pathogens and floating algae

Aquarium and pond keepers have no doubts when the water is green and cloudy: Algae have taken over and overgrow the environment of fish and plants. But which are the causes of algae growth, and how can you successfully deal with them?

Aquarium and pond aficionados are very annoyed by algae. When they become a nuisance, they also threaten the health of fish and plants. Furthermore, algae obstruct the view on the colorful inhabitants. However, there are many causes.

The phosphate and nitrate levels of the water are important values for excess algae growth. Nitrate levels above 50 mg/l make the fish more sensitive towards diseases. Phosphate supports the algae growth even in small amounts. The levels should therefore be monitored regularly, e.g. with the sera aqua-test set. This allows judging whether the nitrogen breakdown in the aquarium or pond functions properly. A tip: There is a nutrient oversupply if the water already is green and cloudy. This then also means that the nitrate level is too high. Tap water is considered another source for too high nitrate levels.

Furthermore, the food quality is very important. For instance, aquarium keepers are on the safe side with sera vipan. The staple food contains a balanced amount of proteins as well as many other nutrients. It is very well digested and utilized by the fish, so no unnecessary water pollution will arise.

Too much fish food can also support algae growth. Feeing sparingly two or three times a day is completely sufficient. A tip: Give the fish only as much as they can eat within two to five minutes. In case of dense fish stock it is also advisable to reduce the number of fish and, accordingly, also the water pollution.

Wrong lighting is another cause for excess algae growth. Too much sun supports algae growth just as wrong fluorescent tubes in the aquarium hood do.

The sera UV-C System 24 W helps against floating algae and considerably reduces pathogens, parasites and viruses. It is an ideal addition to the mechanical and biological filtration. The UV-C lamp works in a merely physical way. This puts an end to annoying floating algae and water cloudiness. A special feature of the unit: The rotatable connectors allow connection also in difficult situations.

Aquarists can of course also use sera aquariaclear as to rid the fish of the annoying pest. It works purely biological and is free from harmful agents.

This will stop excess algae growth. The ornamental fish will live in a healthy environment, and the view to the splendid animals will be free again.

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