An aquazoo for your home

A group of guppies with colorful patterns quickly darts out from behind a rock, a splendid tiger barb majestically swims through the aquatic plants – and an unusual splendid nocturnal catfish specimen rests in a corner: A visit to an aquazoo makes many people want their own underwater world. Creating it becomes very easy with the correct know-how and material.

A nicely designed aquarium provides good entertainment at home. Photo: sera

The little aquatic zoo enjoys the entire family without causing much effort, once aquarium technology, fish species, planting and nutrition are optimally balanced.

Animal health is most important for fish keepers as to ensure permanent joy in the vivid aquatic life.

This is no problem with nutrition by sera according to natural requirements, because it was perfectly developed to match the requirements of the fish. In return, the animals show healthy growth and brilliant colors. sera does not process unsuitable or low-quality additives such as soybean meal. The fish will thrive splendidly because they like the food from environmentally friendly obtained ingredients so much. In manufacturing, the special processing and the high grinding rate also contributes to this: sera animal food, such as vipan, is easily digestible and can be utilized by fish at an 80 % rate. This means the fish will stay healthy and the water will remain crystal clear, as it has to cope with less waste.

It is not a miracle that an aquazoo at home is so popular: The vivid and active aquarium inhabitants provide great joy for their fans every day, but cause relatively low maintenance and cost effort.


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