An Amazon vacation at home

Enjoy the magic of tropical underwater landscapes. The exciting behavior of colorful shrimps. Dive into the view of the fresh, living green color of exotic aquatic plants. It is ther fascinationg world of nano aquarium care that sounds like an Amazon holiday. Great: There is space for the unobtrusively designed complete aquariums finden in every home, and they are a real eye catcher.

Enjoy dreamlike South Seas impressions at home with a small sized complete aquarium such as the sera Biotop Nano LED Cube 16.

Creating individual impressions of nature in smallest aquariums – that is the aim of nano aquarium care. Proper maintenance and the corresponding equipment allow creating dreamlike underwater worlds with grass-like and other plants as well as shrimps. However, aquariums are not only decorative but also have a relaxing effect: Scientific research revealed that trhe view of plants swinging smoothly in the water lowers blood pressure.*


A complete aquarium, such as the Biotop Nano LED Cube 16 by sera, allows setting up these fantastic landscapes perfectly. The aquarium fulfills all preconditions for modern nano aquarium care. Holding 16 liters (4.2 US gal.) at a size of 22 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm (8.7 in. x 12 in. x 10 in.), it provides sufficient space for creative planting, rearing shrimps and can at the same time be integrated in in every living room. Due to its plug-in complete equipment, the aquarium is immediately ready for use and ensures an atmospheric environment in your own foru walls – without much maintenance effort.


* According to a study by American psychiatrist Aaron Katcher



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