Optimal food for pond fish that feed at the bottom

Large carnivorous pond fish require large food chunks: sera pond Sturgeon Chips XXL is the optimal staple food for carnivorous pond fish, such as sturgeons and perciform fish, sized 40 cm (16 in.) and up.

sera pond Sturgeon Chips XXL and Granules - Optimal food for pond fish living at the bottom. Photos: sera

The food has an excellent water stability. It is also important for the slowly eating, bottom oriented sturgeons that the nutritious chips sink down. They are very valuable for fish nutrition as they provide a large amount of highly unsaturated fatty acids. Another benefit: Their easily digestible fish protein.

Feeding should take place several times a day in small portions. The high quality manufacturer sera recommends sera pond Sturgeon Granules for smaller sturgeons – the same food in granule shape with smaller chunks.


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