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Poor water parameters are often the cause if one or several fish in the aquarium become ill. These can very quickly be checked in the online laboratory by sera. Various guide booklets then porvide support when combating the diseases, for instance with the freely available sera treatments. sera therefore provides effective support for aquarists also in problem cases.

The Online Laboratory allows testing water parameters easily, quickly and for free. After evaluation, users will receive – if required – advice for improving the living conditions. The Quick Test does not require previous registration. Those who wish to use the test center log in for free. The water parameters for different aquariums can be saved and diagrams about the development of previous measurements can be set up.

Depending on the result, the numerous sera guides then provide support for further care or disease treatment. The guides can be downloaded online. They give advice and inform about the ideal application of products. Example: The guide "Healthy aquarium fish" explains different disease symptoms and the suitable treatments for recognizing fish diseases in time and treating them optimally.

By the way: sera have a range of treatments for ornamental fish in their product range. The freely available products are highly effective and avoid the fish and the water quality being unnecessarily affected. For instance, sera costapur F is effective against singel cell ectoparasites, sera med Professional Tremazol supports the healing process in case of gill and skin flukes as well as tapeworms.

All sera treatments are characterized by maximum safety for animals and users.


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