Why does the pH value in my freshwater aquarium go down?

The pH value tells the ratio between acids and bases in the water an. Besides the carbonate hardness (KH) is the most important measured parameter in the aquarium. The optimal value depends on the fish being kept. Most ornamental fish species do best at values between 6.0 and 8.5.[more]


Fit into spring

When spring arrives, the pond awakens from hibernation: Koi show up at the surface, dragonflies fly through the air and the plants develop their colors. But before you can start into the new pond season it is important to remove the traces of winter. This ins no problem with the correct advice and high quality maintenance products, for instance by sera.[more]


Suitable for herbivores and carnivores

Due to their impressive color and shape variety, cichlids are among the most popular aquarium fish. Special food such as the novelties Cichlid Green XL and Cichlid Red XL by sera are required for keeping the colorful exotic animals lastingly healthy.[more]


Good expertise ensures healthy fish

Keeping fish healthy in sales setups is important in the pet trade. The sera specialists have decades of knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases. The manufacturer held a practical seminar in their own training center so retailers could benefit from the competent knowledge.[more]


sera and VDA train veterinarians for the first time

sera has an excellent competence from which the trade benefits in may ways. Best examples: The seminars in the company’s own VDA/DGHT Expertise Center West. In addition to the well proven offerings for specialized retailers the specialists recently held the first seminar especially for veterinarians in cooperation with the Association of German Verband Deutscher Vereine für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde (VDA). [more]

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