Appropriate aquaterrarium - sera reptil aqua biotop

Everybody who wants to keep terrapins, crabs and crayfish that remain small according to their requirements now can use a new aquaterrarium by sera. The sera reptil aqua biotop complete system is equipped with all technical devices required for immediate operation: this simplifies the first steps into a fascinating hobby especially for beginners.

Especially new hobbyists are often afraid to make mistakes when choosing a suitable terrarium and the according accessories. The sera reptil aqua biotop provides the ideal solution for getting started.

Setup is very easy since the aquaterrarium already contains the most important technical components. The unique high performance filter medium sera siporax mini ensures biological filtration within the sera fil 120 filter. The energy saving sera reptil LED energy light clip lamp and the sera heater thermostat 100 W round off the complete system and create optimal conditions for terrapins, crabs and crayfish that remain small.

The special shape of the aquaterrarium allows for high water levels (80 l) – perfect for animals with high swimming requirements. An escape-proof land zone for daily sunbaths can be set up with a cork plate at the back wall or with rock constructions. If required, the elevated bottom as well as cable ducts all installing a bottom heater easily and safely.

As a free addition, the complete system contains 50 ml sera biostart for biological filtration as well as 100 ml sera raffy P food for the daily feeding of all terrapin species.

Tip: The sera reptil aqua biotop is also excellently suitable as a decorative aquarium.

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