sera pond algovec Sets - Reliable against algae

Uncontrolled algae spreading is a real nuisance for numerous pond keepers. The threat: Excess growth of thread or floating algae quickly throws the natural equilibrium in the garden pond out of balance, threatens the plants and stresses the fish. 

The new algae removal systems sera pond algovec Kit 1 and 2 provide support. They lastingly regulate the amount of  algae in the water – without much maintenance effort.

Green, fluff-like mats on the pond banks indicate thread algae have spread in the pond. Greenish water cloudiness is caused by floating algae. In either case, sera provides support with two algae removal systems.

Both Kits contain the sera kH-Test kit and sera pond bio balance for conditioning and stabilizing the pond water.

With sera pond algokill* and sera pond algenstop*, sera pond algovec Kit 1 is reliably effective in case of persistent thread algae.

sera pond algovec Kit 2 with sera pond algenstop* and sera pond crystal is effective against so-called “green water”, cloudy due to floating algae. The dead floating algae are coagulated so the filter can collect them.

Both Kits can also be used in combination. They are each sufficient for 5,000 liters of pond water.

The pond will quickly become crystal clear and in balance again with these uncomplicated complete systems by sera – a healthy environment for fish and plants.

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  • sera pond algovec Set 1
  • sera pond algovec Set 2


* Use biozides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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