Exotic living environments for fascinating animals

Bamboo garden, rainforest or desert –terrarium care brings many fascinating living environments and animal species into your home. With the sera reptil terra biotop, sera provides the suitable terrarium for keeping smaller reptile and amphibian species easily.

There are no limits for reptile, amphibian and mollusk keepers when creating exotic living environments as in nature in the new sera reptil terra biotop 60. Be it for the popular Gold Dust Day Gecko or the magnificent Red-Eyed Tree Frog – 60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm (W x H x D) provide sufficient space for climbing opportunities, generous water spots or dense vegetation.

The terrarium is equipped with two wing doors for easy maintenance and care, which can be opened towards the front separately or together. A special safety lock ensures escape prevention. Aeration bars in the doors prevent fogging panes.

The extremely stable sera reptil terra biotop 60 can be adjusted to the requirements of different inhabitants without any problems. For example, separately lockable cable ducts in the hood allow installing devices such as lamps or UV light, e.g. the sera reptil sun spot (50 W) or the sera reptil desert compact (20 W). The terrarium can be filled with up to 10 cm with bottom material, e.g. sera reptil coco soil, for keeping animals that like to dig themselves in the ground. Installing a bottom heater is also possible.

By the way: The sera reptil biotop 60 is suitable for experienced hobbyists as an ideal rearing terrarium for juvenile animals, e.g. Lawson’s Dragon and a couple of tortoise species.


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