Relaxation – sports – nature – lifestyle: These are only a few facets of how a pond can add to our lives. Be it a small water display on the balcony, a Japanese Koi pond, a large natural pond or a swimming pond – a pond provides variety like hardly another garden design element. This is certainly one of the reasons why a pond never gets out of style. It can always be adjusted to current desires and requirements.

sera has now been accompanying pond keepers for 40 years and is able to fulfill all requirements of pond keepers due to permanent product development and research. The complete pond range is ideally balanced, and the separate components can perfectly be combined with each other. sera provides solutions for everybody and ensures maximum joy with minimum effort.

The correct food for every taste

The broad sera food range for pond fish leaves nothing to be desired. Ranging from sera flakes and sera granulat, whose composition is especially suited for biotope ponds with a blended fish stock, up to the unique sera Koi Professional foods – sera pond food optimally supplies every fish according to its requirements.

Technical equipment for all situations

sera sets new standards also in the technical range. The sera KOI Professional 12000 plus Set meets all requirements concerning powerful and high quality filtration.

Consisting of the sera KOI Professional 12000 Pond Filter for ponds holding up to 12000 liters and the sera UVC System 55 W, floating algae are efficiently bound. Small dirt particles larger than 200 µm are reliably filtered by the included micro split sieve. The Matala mat then enriches the prefiltered water with oxygen. Due to sera siporax pond, a high performance filter medium, biological pollutants are broken down 34 times more efficiently than with common ceramic filter material.

The components of the new sets perfectly harmonize with each other, therefore the high quality and energy saving pond pump sera PP 12000 and a ten meter pond hose are also included.

All technical sera products score with their optimal price vs. performance ratio along with easy handling and timeless beautiful design.


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