Indispensable for keeping corals: An optimal supply of the marine aquarium with minerals and trace elements. Now sera takes care of this extensive water maintenance with the extraordinary sera marin range. The seven high quality products contain all important additives and are ideally balanced among each other, as to ensure supply from a single source.

A well balanced nutrient supply is required in aquariums. This will maintain stable water quality and ensure healthy coral growth. sera marin provides such a complete range for marine aquarium keepers, consisting of altogether seven specially balanced products ensure optimal coral supply.

sera marin COMPONENT 1 Ca contains important Calcium for the skeleton build-up of corals and other invertebrates. Combination with sera marin COMPONENT 2 Ca pH-Buffer ensures an optimal pH value of the saltwater and stabilizes the natural buffer system in a reef aquarium.

The minerals Strontium and Magnesium are also important for marine organisms. sera offers the additives sera marin COMPONENT 5 strontium und sera marin COMPONENT 6 magnesium as to ensure their lasting growth.

Besides minerals, the most important trace elements should also be added to the aquarium: sera marin COMPONENT 3 trace elements Anionics and sera marin COMPONENT 4 trace elements Kationics quickly and easily ensure the daily supply of these nutrients.

Iodine is a special trace element that, being a component of thyroid gland hormones, helps regulate oxygen and energy consumption. sera marin COMPONENT 7 iodine was developed especially for maintaining a constant Iodine level in the water. It thus ensures regular Iodine uptake and prevents deficiencies.


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