sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL

The high quality manufacturer sera now has developed a system aquarium for freshwater biotopes, as to make it easier for beginners to start an aquarium. The perfectly matching complete equipment of the sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL allows for an immediate start and ensures low maintenance efforts. The German TÜV confirms the high quality of the system with their renowned quality seal.

Those who now start into the aquarium hobby do not have to deal with compiling large amounts of technical equipment. The system aquarium sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL allows for an easy start into the freshwater aquarium hobby with low maintenance effort. The required technical equipment is already included – the aquarium is therefore immediately ready to use.

The external filter sera fil bioactive 130 is included with the kit. It is already equipped with the highly effective biological filter medium sera siporax. The sera filter biostart cultures are included as to ensure the filter immediately becomes biologically active and pollutants can be broken down.

Furthermore, the aquarium cover ensures best light conditions with its two lamps, the convenient food flap makes adding food and care products easier.

The generous three-dimensional swimming space provides sufficient space for the animals to fully develop their natural behaviors.

sera presents possible fish stock suggestions, perfectly matching the size of this biotope aquarium, to the customers in the included guide booklet.

sera increases the freshwater aquarium care product range with the sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL, and thus provides trade and end customers with an equivalent to the saltwater complete aquarium sera marin Biotop Cube 130.

  • Aquarium with bow front (polished glass)
  • Contents approx. 130 liters
  • Size: W 51 cm x H 66.5 cm x D 57 cm
  • TÜV checked
  • Aquarium cover with two T5 (PL-24 W) aquarium lamps, two fans for cooling the electronic components, food opening
  • sera fil bioactive external filter 130 with sera filter floss & sera filter sponge for mechanical filtration and sera siporax (1000 ml) for biological filtration with 270 m2 filter surface
  • sera filter biostart (50 ml) - biocultures for immediate biological pollutant breakdown within the filter
  • sera heater 150 W

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