New bioactive filter system

The sera fil bioactive external filters are the newest sera development concerning pollutant breakdown in aquariums. Depending on the version, these modern complete systems already include a UV-C water clarifier. Due to this combination, these innovative products immediately become biologically active and ensure effective biological breakdown of pollutants.


Reliable filtration is a precondition for healthy and unobjectionable water quality in the aquarium. However, this can only be achieved with a modern filter system and bacteria settling in the filter as intensely as possible. The sera fil bioactive external filters now fulfill these requirements.


Their secret: With its patented filter medium sera siporax, the external filter provides 34 times as much filter performance compared to filters with common ceramic filter material. Furthermore, the filter starter sera filter biostart ensures the immediate activation of the biological pollutant breakdown by different species of live purification bacteria.


The new sera filter system reveals highest technical quality due to easy operation, low energy consumption, very quiet operation and a long life time.

The sera fil bioactive external filters are also available with a UV-C water clarifier. These ensure powerful reduction of algae growth and pathogens.


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sera fil bioactive

sera fil bioactive + UV


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