Powerful and absolutely convincing: sera KOI Professional 12000 Pond Filter

The water quality is decisive for the successful care of fish and other living creatures in the pond. No problem if you use the correct filter!


The biomechanically active sera KOI Professional 12000 Pond Filter is ideal; it ensures optimal pollutant breakdown in ponds up to 20,000 liters or in Koi ponds up to 12,000 liters. Its secret to success: The three step system.


Step 1: The pond water flows through the 24 Watt UVC system that is vertically integrated within the filter. The E14 UVC lamp used forms a unit with its electronic ballast. This combination considerably simplifies replacement after the end of the operation life span. Furthermore, the integrated electronic ballast saves up to 65 % electricity, and the system is far less sensitive to trouble than conventional UVC clarifiers.

Step 2: The water is directed through a chute and into a stainless steel split sieve with 200 µm mesh width, where leaf parts, waste particles and small floating matter are immediately and effectively removed. Even green floating algae, which have been coagulated by UV light irradiation, are filtered off in step 2. Below the sieve, the water takes up plenty of oxygen due to the extreme swirling.


Step 3: After having been pre-filtered by the UV clarifier and the stainless steel split sieve, the water enters the third and last filtration step, equally distributed by a Matala mat. About 10 liters of sera siporax pond 25 mm ensure biological pond water purification in the sump chamber.


Maintenance of the powerful sera KOI Professional 12000 Pond Filter is absolutely easy, and the media to be cleaned are accessible without effort. The three phase filter is weatherproof and does not require a protecting roof or any other devices to fend off rain. It is made from high-quality plastic material and is equipped with connectors for all common hose diameters (19 mm/¾ “; 25 mm/1 “; 32 mm/1 ¼ “, and 40 mm/1 ½ “).



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