The new complete sera product range for shrimps


Small, smaller, smallest: More and more aquarium beginners decide on compact nano aquariums. sera therefore now offers a new complete aquarium kit that allows for a trouble free start into the freshwater and shrimp aquarium hobby.

sera Biotop Nano Cube 60

Besides an amazing variety of colors, shapes and sizes, shrimps are popular especially because they are easy to keep. Convenient: The requirements of the animals can be fulfilled even in small tanks, provided the technical equipment is perfectly balanced. The new sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 provides best conditions for a successful start into the nano aquarium hobby:

Setting up the compact 60 liter complete aquarium is convenient and trouble free, because the sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 is immediately ready for use and biologically active. Inside the 4 chamber internal filter with heater thermostat and feed pump, the highly effective sera siporax ensures optimal biological filtration.

Another bonus feature: With its matching cabinet and the polished glass bow front, the sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 is very decorative. The practical complete system guarantees highest functionality due to the innovative aquarium cover with variable pushing, lift-up and fixation technology.


New sera staple food for crustaceans in fresh and salt water

The aquarium specialist presents two new staple diets for fresh and salt water aquariums, optimally suited for the requirements of shrimps and crayfish, respectively: sera shrimps natural and sera crabs natural. The high quality ingredients are specially balanced for their nutrition and digestion. These natural foods therefore prevent unnecessary water pollution and ensure best vitality of these popular crustaceans. sera crabs natural is, by the way, also excellently suited for hermit crabs.

sera shrimps natural and sera crabs natural are the powerful staple foods of the new shrimp range by sera. The specialty: The nutrient profile according to the natural requirements and the VIP formula for constant premium quality support healthy development with regular shedding activity. Furthermore, continuously feeding the sera novelties also enhances fertility, vitality and brilliant coloration of the animals.

sera shrimps natural is a granulated food especially for shrimps, whereas the loops of sera crabs natural allow feeding shrimps and crayfish together. The sinking and stable granulates and loops prevent unnecessary water pollution inside the mostly small biotope aquariums, as they are optimally balanced according to the nutritional habits of the animals and thus are easy to digest.

The high quality ingredients include marine algae rich in iodine, stinging nettle leaves, additions of willow bark and alder cones rich in fiber, as well as a large amount of Spirulina algae. The contents in minerals and omega fatty acids meet the requirements and are another bonus feature.


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Clear tropical water with sera blackwater aquatan

Clear water with the characteristic tropical tint, according to the requirements of the fish, is necessary to ensure tropical inhabitants feel at home in a biotope aquarium. sera now has developed the new water conditioner sera blackwater aquatan. It creates water according to natural biotopes and therefore supports vitality and health of the fish, shrimps and crayfish in an aquarium.

Biotope aquarium keepers will achieve a long-lasting, tropical tint of the water with the new sera blackwater aquatan. This extremely economic water conditioner converts tap water into dark, clear tropical water according to the requirements of the fish – without changing the pH value.

Result: The biotope water supports vitality and health of the fish, shrimps and crayfish as well as their splendid colors and natural behavior. Furthermore, heavy metals are immediately bound, and algae growth is inhibited by the reduced light amount.


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