How large do Clown Loaches grow?


I recently looked through an aquarium book that belongs to my girlfriend. I read about Clown Loaches there! You said not to keep clown loaches in an aquarium sized 80 cm x 35 cm x 40 cm or 112 liters, because this species grows to 30 cm! Now the aquarium book says this species never grows to more than 16 cm in an aquarium! My girlfriend also has an aquarium of this size, and the largest of her 3 clown loaches is about 8 cm large (small), also they are already 1 year old! What is correct?

clown loaches grow to considerably (!) more than 16 cm also in an aquarium, provided they are kept in an appropriate tank.

The small clown loaches sold are juveniles (not to say: babies) that have a life expectancy of over 40 years and a final size of over 30 cm. I have already seen specimens sized between 25 and 30 cm myself.

2 meters aquarium length are the absolute minimum for permanently keeping clown loaches - which, by the way, always must be kept in groups with at least 6 fish, preferably more. I can really recommend these marvelous fish only for aquariums at least 3 meters long, and that is not exaggerated!


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