How much water change in a 60 cm aquarium / How much food for catfish?


I have had an aquarium for a month now. Yesterday a sales clerk told me I should change the water only once a month, and that I should feed my ancistrus catfish only twice weekly! Is that correct?

feeding catfish this way (sera Catfish Chips are, for instance, well suited) is alright, if (!) there is enough periphyton (algae etc.) and wood for rasping off. However, the tank is too small for the widely distributed Ancistrus catfish (which are usually sould as "Bushy mouth Ancistrus"), it should be at least 80 cm length for them. I recommend weekly and not too small (30 %) water changes - if in doubt, better more than less, and condition the water with sera aquatan while doing so!

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sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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