Pressure filters in saltwater?


Can I use your pressure filters also for saltwater aquariums?

yes, the pressure filters are suitable for this purpose without any restrictions.

If yes, please tell me the dimensions of the filters.

Here they are (maximum width, measured at the steel sealing ring / total height; all dimensions are in mm):

older versions:

T 11: 260 / 520 
T 25: 360 / 510
T 40: 360 / 590
T 50: 360 / 700

fil bioactive pressure filter:

379 / 552

How do I monitor it in practice?

There is not much to monitor in this case: The filter media are (moderatly) cleaned if the filter flow rate goes down, but that is actually all.

Can I enrich the water taken in with oxygen?

Oxygen enrichment within the filter itself is hardly possible due to the construction  (because the filter needs to be pressure proof and therefore tight) - you would have to avoid water leaking out instead of air being directed into the filter! However, it should be possible to install a Venturi system integrated in the outlet pipe if you have some handicraft skills. Furthermore you can direct the water flowing back through a spray bar with several small holes.

Best regards

sera GmbH

Dr. Bodo Schnell


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