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Freshwater Fish

Fish stock for a Lake Malawi aquarium / Slimy layers

Hello, Concerning "fish stock":the loaches and the catfish do not harmonize well with Lake Malawi cichlids, and therefore should rather be kept separately instead. Also, it is not...

Freshwater Fish

Fish stock with Neon Tetras and catfish in a 60 cm aquarium

Hello, one group (8 - 12 specimens) each of Neon Tetras and a small Corydoras species, plus possibly a group of Midget Sucker Catfish (Otocinclus and related genera) is sufficient in...

Freshwater Fish

Fish stock questions for a 190 liter aquarium

Hello, 4 Ancistrus catfish2 are sufficient - better only add fish of the same gender if you do not have takers for the very numerous babies! 3 Port Hoplosgrowing to almost 20 cm,...

Freshwater Care

Does sera phosvec bind phosphates permanently, or can they get back in solution in the aquarium?

Hello, Concerning "water change":due to the high stock the water changes should rather be carried out weekly! Concerning "phosphate precipitation":this is very likely, as the liquid...

Freshwater Diseases

Black Mollies have protruding eyes and skin slime

Hello, I think fungi are indeed very unlikely, as they look like cotton fluff or mold (which it actually is).In case of milky layers an infestation with bacteria or single celled...


Bottom gravel is clogged by sludge

Hello, it is in this case advisable to simply use a gravel washer during the water changes. Generally, the problem occurs mainly with coarse gravel. The gaps are simply larger,...

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