Frequently asked questions

Freshwater Technical equipment

Can you use magnets for attaching things in an aquarium?

Hello, this is only possible if the magnet itself is entirely enclosed in a waterproof shell (plastic), otherwise there will be considerable corrosion (rusting magnet) and possibly...

Freshwater Food

Catfish do not see their food

Hello, generally, the fish do not need to see their food that well - they can smell it easily and find food even when it is dark. Newly added fish are often still shy and need some...

Freshwater Care Technical equipment

Cleaning pH electrodes

Hello, pH electrodes made of glass (or in case of those made of plastic: all glass parts) are indeed very sensitive, also and especially towards mechanical damage. For cleaning, a...

Freshwater Invertebrates

Combat snails with pufferfish?

Hello, I must urgently advise against using pufferfish as "snail killers". It is of course correct that pufferfish considerably decimate snails and usually eat an aquarium snail...

Freshwater Care Invertebrates

Completely new setup after algae trouble? / Snails in the aquarium

Hello, I do not recommend a completely new setup - this would only destroy useful biological systems that build up slowly. It takes about 1 - 2 years until an aquarium is really...

Freshwater Care

Conditioning during water changes / Which values should be checked, and when?

Hello, Concerning "water conditioning":sera aquatan (binds copper and protects the fish against chlorine, among others) is indeed advisable with every water change. Dosage as per the...

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